Add a Review


1.  Do a quick search on our website to make sure your favourite restaurant is not already listed.  You can do this by entering the restaurant name in the Search Box.  If it is already listed, feel free to add your review in comment section of  the post but remember to follow the review length requirements (see below).

2.  Keep it short and sweet.  We want just the highlights of why you love it, keeping it to around 25 words total.

3.  Keep it positive.  We want to showcase the positives of our local cuisine.  It’s easier to find those hidden gems if you don’t have to go searching through all those negative reviews out there.

4.  Add a photo.  If you have not taken the picture, please provide the source.  Provide the link to a Flickr, Picasa, etc. account where we can retrieve the photo.

Thanks for your help in contributing to our community by supporting and showcasing the fabulous cuisine that Vancouver and beyond has to offer.

Happy Eating!!


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