It’s really simple.  We post positive reviews on restaurants and foods that we love in the Vancouver Area and beyond (pretty much anywhere one can go for a weekend getaway from Vancouver can be included).

Short, to-the-point reviews. Maximum 25 words, give or take.

What do you love about the place? Highlight one or two points such as it’s great location, their butter tart that’s the best you’ve ever tasted,  their outstanding service or their most authentic taco that you’ve tasted outside of Mexico.  Share with us the cheapest greasy-spoon breakfast you’ve found in Vancouver, the best place to have coffee while you write your memoir….you get the idea.  It’s gotta be short and to-the-point.

No more sifting through wordy, negative chatter.

Restaurants we love and what we love about them.  If you love them too, leave a comment.

Restaurants you love.  If you don’t see them listed, give us your review and we’ll add it! (Check out the “Add a Review!” page for details).


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