The Mexican Antojitos y Cantina

Taco Pastor – The Mexican, Vancouver, BC
Photo Source: WestCoastPrairieGirl

The BEST Mexican food I have had in Vancouver!  My Mexican dinner guests agreed.  Everything we ordered was superb but if you need some recommendations to get you started: Tacos Pastor, Huarache de Carne Asada, Barrigón and the Chicharrón de Queso which is apparently a fairly difficult dish to make and find.

The Mexican Antojitos y Cantina

1049 Granville Street, Vancouver, BC

The Mexican on Urbanspoon

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About westcoastprairiegirl

I'm a prairie girl at heart, born and raised in Manitoba. I am currently living on the west coast with my Mexican hubby. Our cultural differences make the days interesting and his energy and love of life, food and travel makes this adventure with him a great one! I try to LIVE life to it's fullest, LOVE as much as I can, LAUGH always, EAT with enjoyment and TRAVEL to experience what this crazy world has to offer.

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